Austin Radical Faeries

The CALL to Gather

Courtesy of Felix Deon



SEPTEMBER 14 - 17, 2017

Lotus Ranch  -  Wimberley, TX



Something fresh & new – and awesome – is about to happen in Texas! 


Prepare to experience four amazing days among heart-centered faerie men at Lotus Ranch, a unique retreat center nestled in the rolling woodlands of the Texas Hill Country near Austin. 

About 5-miles from the artist community of Wimberley, TX and the beautiful Blanco River, we’ll gather in a secluded scrub oak oasis where we can be free to express our creative faerie selves in all our whimsical ways. 


At this gathering, the Lone Star meets Faerie Spirit. 


If you think all of Texas is a gun-toting, unwelcoming place, come discover how accepting and beautiful it really is. Wimberley and Austin are among the bluest areas in the land, with a long tradition of openness and inclusion.

Geographically, the Edwards Plateau lifts these hills a little closer to the heavens, unlocking limestone springs to feed rivers and creeks and willing hearts, to nurture our rituals and speed our transformations.


Come to share your heart with our hearts. 


Come to discover new dimensions of inter-connectedness in powerful heart circles, workshops and small group sessions.  Come to enjoy talent and non-talent, yours and others!

Expect many of the dimensions that you recognize from other faerie gatherings – a daily heart circle, self-directed workshops and volunteer-prepared meals.  Bring your own ideas and offerings.  Like it is where ever faeries gather, the richness will ultimately be of our own making.  We’ll share, perform, and dance. We’ll cook and dine together, hug and love. And when we feel like it, we’ll sit back in serenity and let the healing happen.

Thirty beds (twins & bunks within eleven rooms) are available in the lodge for an additional fee. The facility also has a full kitchen and indoor dining room, and we have event space indoors and out. 

What will sprout in the woods is a colorful village of tents with winding wooded trails in which to rest, roam and frolic among the blackjack oaks, cedars and pines.  And given the warmth of the Texas sun, we won’t necessarily need a whole lotta clothes. There will be nekkidity!  (That’s Texan for “nudity,” “bareness,” “naturism.”)


Everything's bigger in Texas.


If you feel the call to Faerie Camp, we’ll be so glad you’re coming to Texas. We’ll have the welcome mat out. Bring your best baubles and beads, boas and frocks. Most of all, bring your open eyes and hearts.

Your Austin Radical Faerie hosts are dreaming of something new, with a touch of Southwestern spice. All we need to perfect this recipe is you. 

So y’all come, ya hear me?